When against you is the whole world, 
Flags of despair are unfurled, 
Even your fortune doesn’t favour you, 
Problems arrive in a queue,    
You just don’t have any relief, 
Therein all you need in you is belief.

When the going gets tough ,
Situations are pretty rough,
Your confidence drops down low, 
Shortcomings come in a row. 
When you get deviated from your goal, 
Only belief can consolidate your heart and soul. 

When difficulties get the better of you, 
Positives restricted to few. 
When your mind is disturbed badly, 
You live every moment sadly. 
When you think you can’t achieve anything, 
Only belief can tide you through everything.

When from the world you receive deception, 
Never give up; be an exception, 
Have belief within you, 
Henceforth nothing will relent you. 

Never think it’s impossible to achieve, 
Because Everything is possible if you believe! 

                   – Nikesh Lilani (also published in times of India nie)

15 thoughts on “BELIEVE 

  1. “When from the world you receive deception,
    Never give up; be an exception,” – I love these lines. In times when opposition is at its strongest, it also is the opportunity for someone to step up and make the big difference!
    This poem is empowering! Human resolve is always an inspiring topic to write about, be it in a poem or an article.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. This is a very compelling poem about believing in ourselves. We cannot let bad thoughts and depression get the better of us. Also, we cannot rely on anyone to believe for us. We are our only hindrance and it is up to us to take a stand and believe that we can do anything. We need to have a belief that everything will happen in our favor if only we have trust in God and believe that what we say or do, will reach people. Love this poem and it was well written! Well done once again!

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