There I am all alone, 
Totally lost in the land of unknown,
I am walking and there’s no one  beside,
I am walking keeping all the tensions aside.

I look here , I look there, no one I see,
As the things continue to astonish me,
With intimidation some moments fill,
And some with extreme joy and thrill.

I don’t know where the things are leading me,
I’ll just have to wait and see,
As of now the fun continues ,
In the land of mysterious fancy.

I am halfway through, 
As the things pace up bit,
Eager to blow off ,
The candles of curiosity which have lit.

Inches away from the ultimate destination, 
As my heart pumps with a curious sensation,
Eager to know what its going to be. 
Eager to know what next will I  see.

Finally the shackles of suspense are broken ,
Everything is clear but my body is  frozen,
And boring suddenly the things look,
When I come out of the world of my book!

                  -Nikesh Lilani

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