The darkness says goodbye,
As light slowly dominates the sky,
The birds begin to chirp and sing,
Probably wishing us a good morning!

Slowly the sun joins the act,
And tells a very inspiring fact,
After the dark it’s light to follow always,
After despair it’s hope to follow always,
That’s the game our life plays.

The flock of birds fly high,
And add some beauty to the sky,
Flowers with their gentle dance,
Please our heart just at a glance. 

People are all awake,
Oh!For goodness sake, 
Wake up says nature ,
To every lazy creature.

In the breeze the trees sway,
Among themselves the leaves play,
Everything in nature expresses joy,
In every possible way.

There’s finesse and grace everywhere, 
Positivity just dominates the air,
Atmosphere is filled with zest,
That’s nature at its very best!

                 -Nikesh Lilani.  (Also published in times of India nie)

13 thoughts on “ZESTFUL MORNING  

    1. I’m very sorry to ask but are you really reading my poems, or is it a case of blind likes. I’m saying this because according to the stats, there are no views that are increasing since your stay on the blog, and likes are just increasing. Sorry for the suspicion. But just to know, whether the stats are going wrong or you’re simply hitting likes on my poems without reading.


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