Pressure from here , pressure from there,
Pressure from almost everywhere,
Only anxiety and no relief,
Only despair and no belief.

He was opposed by every face,
He just couldn’t stand the pace,
He was fed up, he was lost,
He needed some support at any cost.

With relentless pressure every day,
He simply lost his way,
He had no idea where to go,
With his self-belief so very low.

He just once wanted to mell,
Don’t make my life a hell, 
He wanted, but he could never say,
Let me live life ,my way.

Finally, he decided to give up,
After all the pressure and endeavour, 
Outstretched arms against orange background, 
Hence that day, he was never seen around.

It was all over that day,
He himself summed up his stay,
But if you summarize his life at a glance,
All he needed was just one more chance!

                -Nikesh Lilani


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