Oh! I remember being a child,
Purely gentle, tranquil and mild,
Always generous and willing to share,
Always selfless and willing to care.

‘Anxiety’, no, there wasn’t such a word ,
Instead life was like a free bird,
Living every moment with sheer zest,
It was life at it’s prime best.

Always adding the elements of joy and fun,
Having no enmity with anyone,
Spreading love and happiness every day, 
Ambassing  humanity along every pathway.

Will someone bring me back those days?
I want to get back to those joyful ways,
I again want to spread joy and fun,
I again want to live like a true human.

You can do everything,can’t you? Oh God,
Make me child again , I plea to you Oh Lord,
Because I feel all these days are  bad,
For those regretful memories make me sad…
                -Nikesh Lilani 


25 thoughts on “REGRETFUL MEMORIES

  1. So true! As young adults, we should cherish every experience we went through as children growing up and reflect only on good things to keep us going. If we do not enjoy our childhood, that is where we all have regrets and never forgive ourselves. Each topic you choose fits well with your poems and I enjoyed every minute of it. Well done!

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  2. Great post. Childhood is joy and wonder, and wanting to lean. If you want to bring back some of those memories and feelings, go to a park and play with abandon, or go to the children’s room in the library and get lost in literature. I love this poem.

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  3. Soo true Nikesh! Those days were the best days of life.. Thou we couldn’t bring back those..thou we couldn’t be children again.. But yes we can definitely continue to have the child in us… N yeah men Missing You.. You’re one of my best friends !


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