When I see someone doing terror work,
Giving humanity a backward jerk,
Going wrong, going astray ,
I ask myself, is ‘it’ fading away? 

When I see a helpless starving man,
Nobody helping him, when everyone can,
People starving and dying every day,
I ask myself, is ‘it’ fading away?

When I see for wrong people going insane,
Millions of philosophies going in vain,
‘Perhaps it’s a hell’ to myself I say,
And ask again, is ‘it’ fading away?

But the question is, what is ‘it’,
Just pause for  a minute, stop and sit,
Come out of the worldly insanity,
So that you realize, ‘it’ is Humanity.

Humanity, that is utterly lost,
Humanity, that has to come back at any cost,
Humanity, that is locked in a dark room, 
Humanity, that once again has to bloom.

Well, we have to strive hard,
To bring back humanity one day,
So that no one questions himself,
Is ‘it’ fading away? 

                    -Nikesh  Lilani 

45 thoughts on “FADING AWAY

      1. Nikesh, about the collaboration, I am replying to each and every email of yours. Somehow you aren’t receiving them.
        I want to know what topic you want to collaborate on.
        Looking forward to hearing from you!
        Thanks again!

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  1. I think that Humanity with a capital ‘H’ is in a particular state of chaos, but at other times in history when this has happened, such as in the Middle Ages, what followed was the Age of Enlightenment. So, hopefully, we’re heading for another time of enlightenment. But also I think that individual humans are active now, within the chaos, striving for a better world and doing good every day. The trouble is, that the media like to report chaos and terror more than good deeds.

    I like your poem. It made me think. You have a good heart. Do not despair at the world. Remember all the wonderful things, too. You might find this blog cheering https://kindnessblog.com/

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    1. Absolutely. I agree with you. I think the media, has to some extent or should I say to a very great extent, has created negativity in our minds. You see it in a positive way, you have a positive outlook. And that’s what is needed for this world to change. And I’m glad, you liked my poem.

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  2. Nicely constructed — particularly the repetition of the question.
    It reads like it could be a song lyric… and faces the world’s big problem of division honestly, but without an overtly negative vibe.
    Very touching. Thank you, Nikesh. 🙂

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