All the time, just thinking about the world,
What world will think and say,
I don’t know why for that nonsense world,
You destroy yourself every day.

Always wanting to be spot on,
In world’s point of view,
When you don’t even know,
Others are more imperfect than you.

Always wanting to prove the world,
You are a person in prime,
Prove yourself, how great you are,
Rather, for nonsense, wasting your time.

In the process of you, glorifying yourself, 
Proving everyone that you are great,
You are going nowhere for sure,
Rather ruining your fate.

You aren’t the servant of the world,
Live your life, your way,
Do what you feel right,
Whatever the world wants to say.

And if you still want people to talk about you,
Let me tell you, there’s another way too,
Stop performing in this worldly circus,
Start living your life with a purpose,
Then you will reach where you want to,
And have people talking  about you!

                 – Nikesh Lilani 


36 thoughts on “WORLDLY CIRCUS

    1. Thanks a lot, Emily. All these comments mean a lot to me. And I am very happy that you found my poem inspirational. Thank you, and ya, I will surely keep following your blog, for more of the poems from your side…

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  1. ey there!

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      1. There is no way of “sharing” it. You write out your post just like any other post. The only difference is you to be under our blog’s name to do it.


  2. “You aren’t the servant of the world,
    Live your life, your way,
    Do what you feel right,
    Whatever the world wants to say.”

    Now, that’s a hardcore life’s philosophy! As the caption suggests, this is by far the best and the most forceful piece in this blog from all that I’ve read so far. Nicely done. So full of convictions!

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  3. Bravo! The only way to find joy is to live your way into it. You can’t win enough awards or make enough money. Love your poetry and your attitude.

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