Somewhere in the peace of solitude,
Just forgetting about every work and task,
I discover the actual ‘Me’,
The ‘Me’ lying behind the worldly mask.

Solitude takes me to another world, 
The world that exists within me,
And shows me, actually who am I,
Whatever to the world I may be.

I connect myself to the inner world,
When I am all alone,
I shut my ears and listen,
To the ongoing inner tone.

When from solitude to the world I go,
I feel as if I am going astray,
Because in this very world, 
I walk others’ and not my way.

By discovering myself  in solitude,
My right path, I can find,
Solitude has mighty power,
Which simply cannot be defined.

Far away from the world,
I simply become solitary, 
For I know, without it, I can
Never discover the undiscovered ‘Me’!

                                       -Nikesh Lilani 

52 thoughts on “SOLITUDE

  1. Nikesh by the end of the if we are at peace with ourself the day is well spent Solitude is a reservoir which never fails to meet our needs.very well written.

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  2. I think you can read my mind!! Your thoughts are mine as well, Nicely done. I am looking forward to reading much more of your work as time allows. Thank you for posting and thank you for reading some of my “stuff”. I appreciate your comments.

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  3. That was actually really great, you see a lot of poetry all the time just on WordPress alone, but to come across truly meaningful poetry like this is amazing. And I’ve always loved poetry and how everyone had such different styles of writing it. I agree, solitude is such a profoundly beneficial state of being, where we can clear our minds of all the noise and distractions that life likes to throw at us and focus only on the things that matter to us. I’ve always thought about adding poetry as another category of writing to my site, and I think this post is motivating me to! Great work!

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    1. If its motivating you to write poetry, than I have a good enough reason to say that my blog is inspiring. And I’m very glad you liked the poem. I’ll surely come back to your blog, as soon as I get time.

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  4. Beautiful! Solitude sometimes scares people who don’t know themselves very well, but it is so worth the initial discomfort and dissonance. I don’t know what I would do without it.

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  5. A very beautiful poem on Solitude. The theme hereby highlighted is very unique and the rhyming pattern ABAB very well suits the poem.
    When I am alone or when I meditate, I realise my inner self, touch my inner soul and talk to my conscience. When we get entrapped by the World, we tend to lose ourselves.Being solitary is truly amazing. I guess our views match a lot… Kudos!

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