Drowning deep in a dead dark sea,
Of untrue living and mirth,
I feel, I aren’t born yet,
I am yet to take a birth.

I am lost in the forgery of the world,
Where nothing seems to be true,
 And unfortunately for me,
 I have a become a part of it too.

Enough of forgery I suppose,
May be now I should just pause, 
I should quit this forgery,
For it has been one of my biggest flaws.

For this ‘so called’ world,
I have my eyes opened yet closed,
As towards my inner world,
I and my soul are engrossed.

No difference whatsoever within,
But yet a massive one,
As there’s more genuineness,
In every aspect of long run.

I had lost myself in this fake world,
In search of true living and glee,
I was foolish then, for now I know,
The true world exists within me!

                   -Nikesh Lilani 

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