The world has come so very close,
An absolute miracle, I spose,
No matter what one says,
World is rising at a serious pace.

We have that magical machine,
A revolutionary invention it has been,
The whole world at the tip of the fingers,
And this machine, in our heart lingers.

But do we own this machine?
Or does this machine own us?
A question that shatters my mind,
But answer, I simply cannot find.

Yes, we connect to the world,
But don’t we to satanity?
Misusing this magical machine,
Crossing levels of insanity.

This very magical machine,
Can do everything, no doubt,
But using it in a right way,
Well that’s what it’s all about.  

This machine is a boon to mankind
Until it’s misuse we don’t stop,
Don’t believe- list all inventions,
Mobile will feature right at the top!

                      – Nikesh Lilani

30 thoughts on “MAGICAL MACHINE

  1. Very inspiring, I like it. Really is that machine owns us or we own it? Very good question. We feel we are addicted emotionally to it without reasons.
    Very nice, keep it up

    Hanan Essam
    Please join my blogsite to see if something inspires you:
    Best of luck

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