Desperate cries of impotent people,
Red drops are shed during this upheaval,
Peace and bliss are blown apart,
Doesn’t it agonize the heart?

Dark clouds of hatred are overhead,
Streets are coloured with red,
Every moment, every hour, every day,
Innocent lives are stolen away.

People cry, people die,
With every moment that passes by,
Each and everyone merely prays,
For this earth to become a better place.

This terror is dominating the world,
Flags of hatred are being unfurled,
We beg for blessings from above,
We forget, we’ve got something called ‘love’.

Terror is mighty, all right,
But love has got even more might,
A string of love binds us together,
The sting breaks, and we see terror.

Love is an eternal feeling, 
It is something beyond fancy,
It can destroy any Satan, 
However mighty it may be!

                    -Nikesh Lilani 

46 thoughts on “STRING OF LOVE

  1. You are very correct! The first law is all about LOVE, that means with love as the base of every solution proffered, every problem facing humanity can be shattered, as you have said.

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      1. Yes sure. Type the Web address of the blog on Google. The Web address is clearly displayed at the top when you read posts from reader. When you type the Web address Google will take you to that blog. Once you enter the blog click on anyone of any one of the posts you want to read. Right at the bottom, along with the like button, there’s a reblog option available. Click on it. Another dialog box kinda thing will appear when you click. there you’ll have to write some thoughts about the post you are reblogging. Once you’re done with it, click on ‘reblog post’. And that’s it. I’m pretty much bad at explaining things. If you don’t understand anything, do ask me again…

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      2. Thanks ,no you are not bad at all .I understand it .Reblog us done if you like other Blogger post and you want to share it on your site.I’m right or wrong?

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  2. The poem captures what is trending in this present world, and it presents the Cure – Love! wEll done Nikesh. In few minutes I will publish a post in which you will be nominated for Sunshine Blogger award. Peace!

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  3. Loved this! Especially the 5th stanza. Encapsulates the beautiful message of love being mightier than terror. Great flow!


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