With every moment you breathe,
With every second you survive,
You compete with yourself,
For supreme best, you strive!

Don’t stop till you reach a point,
Where you’re fit to be called a great man,
Don’t be satisfied with what you have,
Push your limits, harder than you can!

Keep battling, keep proceeding,
Till flags of glory are unfurled,
Remember, your battle is with yourself,
Your battle is not with the world!

Don’t make the world your opponent,
You yourself be the one,
Get better with every mistake,
You make during this long run.

Battle till your last breathe,
Author the most glorious life story,
Remember the journey is tough,
Beyond your limits, lies your glory!

– Nikesh Lilani

Please check out the link to this book. It is an extremely beautiful collection of poems:

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34 thoughts on “BEYOND YOUR LIMITS 

  1. I don’t think you are from this planet…really great…I have a platform you can join…if interested… They would love this works

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  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Reblog of a fellow blogger’s poem that inspired me. Hope it helps to push you to your next level. So brighten someone’s day and share it as well!😄

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