Drowned in despair, lost ,uncalm,
I enter your Providence of serene charm,
Where streams of love flow deep and wide,
Where there’s no one else, only you by my side !

Running through the meadows, unbothered and free,
Uprooting the vices burried deep inside me,
Climbing up the hill, rolling into dale,
No power over you, will ever prevail!

Laying on the grass, lush moist and green,
Jumping into waters, gentle and serene
Talking to the winds, gazing at the sky,
My soul in your presence, rises up and high!

My only benediction for you my Thee,
Come and wrap your arms around me,
Beyond fear of death, take me to the other side,
Where your mercy prevails, in your love I abide !

Far from this world of agony and vices,
With utter glee, where my soul rises ,
I simply close my eyes and extol,
Your Providence- a dwelling place for my soul !

– Nikesh Lilani

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