No Purpose

Of this life,

That’s a grand, divine play,

Thy quest to find a purpose.

For thy every behoof, thy every need,

There’s a purpose to thy every deed.

So free,

Yet so intricately entangled.

So much glee,

Yet so glum and rankled.

Wasn’t there any beginning.

Won’t there be an end.

No Purpose.

To this flow of energy,

Eternal and divine,

Supreme, unconfined!

Energy that paints the stars in the night sky,

Endows sweetness to every chirp of a bird,

And fragrance to beautiful, fragile flowers,

Bestows a lush, magnificent life,

That blossoms underneath the colossal oceans.

And there you have a world ,

So heavenly. So graceful.

What purpose to this grandeur, this glory, this majesty?

The existence in itself is an entirety.

This energy has bestowed this life upon you,

A life so beautiful and holy.

A life with no purpose,

Why there should be one?

This moment is enough,

Embrace the freedom and fun.

So adequately conscious, to be joyous,

So much more than any other being.

Beyond all the agony and darkness, there’s light,

Oh this energy is an eternal delight!

Dance to the rhythm of the great divine,

Sing along with its alluring rhymes,

Being so free,

And so jovially untangled,

So much glee,

And no reason to be rankled!

-Nikesh Lilani

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