Well, it has been too much of inspirational and philosophical stuff on my blog. But this poem is neither inspirational, nor philosophical. What exactly it is about? You’ll get to know, when you read it. But there’s something astonishing! CLICK HERE….


‘Within Me’ is a poem which is based on a true but deep life philosophy. It let’s us know, that the true world isn’t the one we live in, it’s the world that exists within us. A truly inspirational poem. CLICK HERE…


An inspirational poem about how we can compete against each other, for humanity and make this Earth a paradise to live. A poem which inspires to strive for humanity. Indeed inspirational… CLICK HERE…


Solitude is something, that 9 out of 10 simply don’t enjoy. But this solitude has some undifined powers;powers which help a person to discover the undiscovered self. This poem concentrates on these very ideas. Simply inspirational. Do read it! CLICK HERE…


Well, this poem is written by my blogger friend Jishnu Bandopadhyay. He’s a very talented writer. We decided to collaborate and so here we are. The topic we chose is a very inspirational one: “Purpose of life”.
I usually write poems, but I’ve an article this time (for a change) on Jishnu’s blog. Do read it after getting inspired by Jishnu’s this very poem entitled ‘Where?’


‘Change yourself, the world will change’ This poem entirely focuses on this very Idea. A poem which inspires you to be the change in this world. On of the very inspirational poems, you can get on this blog. Truly inspirational……. CLICK HERE…


Nature is simply eternal. It is the best gift by God. It is beautiful. Nature is nature.This poem too concentrates entirely on these ideas. It’s a very beautiful poem. Do Read it… CLICK HERE…


Well, this is a poem, based on my philosophy. A philosophy which will definitely inspire you. You will understand it yourself, when you read it. CLICK HERE. ..


A poem which is written in a very interesting manner. It of course, speaks about the humanity in today’s world and seriously questions it. The poem keeps you in it till midway through and ultimately till the end. CLICK HERE….


This poem talks about how a person receives pressure from everywhere and ultimately suicides out of pressure and that what if he would have got just one more chance to prove himself, that no one gives. A poem as a whole is written in extended metaphor.


Life is given for a purpose. The biggest gift by God. The poem focuses on the transformation of poet from living an unpurposeful life to a purposeful one . An indeed inspirational poem.. CLICK HERE…