Somewhere far from the worldly hustle,
I pause and look around,
The beauty in this eternal nature,
Simply thrills to no bound.

The undying beauty of nature,
Drives me into a merry mood,
To describe it the best,
It is the bliss of solitude.

I close my eyes just for a while,
It feels like nature is speaking to me,
I enjoy the moment and feel, 
I am sinking in natural eternity.

My heart talks to the winds,
Flies with the birds in the sky,
Dances with the flowers,
And rises up and high.

As closer I go to nature,
As deeper I sink,
It’s the best gift by God,
Is what I begin to think.

The undying beauty of nature,
Fills my heart with pleasure and bliss,
I just say to myself,
It simply can’t get any better than this!

              – Nikesh Lilani 

51 thoughts on “UNDYING BEAUTY

  1. This is a beautiful poem, Nikesh 🙂
    Thank you for following my blog and for the lovely comments on my posts, although I just want to confirm that it is you who is following me before I approve the comments. I always like to check out a new person who’s commented by clicking on their blog link first. If I click on incrediblepoetry.com (which is what your link says on my blog), it either times out or takes me to a new domain mapping page and no blog. This confuses me, as your url here is incrediblepoetry.wordpress.com. I’m just being cautious, in case someone is posing as you. If they’re not and it is you, I thought you would like to know that this is happening when you visit other blogs, as nobody will know where to find your lovely poems.

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      1. I’m not sure how much of an expert I am when it comes to longer poems that written in Japanese poetic form. I just know if I like them or not. If they flow and paint wonderful images in my mind, that is what I like. If they’re clunky and forced, with erratic rhythm, then I don’t get on with them. I will look at some of your poems over the next week and meanwhile, will follow your blog as it seems a lovely peaceful and inspirational place to visit 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Amazing blog Nikesh! This poem is very heartfelt and it takes you on a spiritual journey to finding yourself, which all of us should take. They way you describe the beauty aspect of this poem, puts you in an imaginary world, where you are one with yourself. Well written and I enjoyed reading this poem. Best place to visit!

    Liked by 2 people

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