It was morning, when the alarm rang,
And Jimmy was all awake,
Facially purposeful, it looked like,
He woke up for a serious sake.

He had intent written all over him,
His face had a gentle glow,
Was this a rebirth of better Jimmy?
The curiosity began to grow.

His ambitious father could see a new start,
As he fancied a seldom sight,
Of his son, studying hard,
After the scolding of last night.

Jimmy was all set for the day ahead,
As he swiftly went into his room,
And in his father’s ambitious heart,
Flowers of glee began to bloom.

Father was wiping tears of joy,
Jimmy was studying, meanwhile,
Dreams for his son, in his head,
And on his face a gentle smile.

He silently entered Jimmy’s room,
Happier than ever, seeing Jimmy study,
But when he took a closer look,
Jimmy was reading a comic book!

                      – Nikesh Lilani 

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