Stuck in a mysterious dark ‘place’,
I was walking on gloomy pathways,
Completely puzzled, which way to go, 
As dark winds of mystery began to blow!

Some queer sounds made me wary,
Dreary place, made even more scary,
Demons were all over the place,
With that brutal grin on their face.

They suddenly started laughing at me,
With that cruel, wild, devilish glee,
As if trying to dictate terms of satanity, 
Trying hard to kill my humanity.

I kept running, they kept chasing,
Serious trouble is what I was facing,
Escaping seemed to be an impossible mission,
When a bright pink lamp sparkled my vision!

I picked up the lamp and a miracle followed,
Darkness dispelled, demons were swallowed,
I wondered what this lamp could be,
Written on it, the word ‘Love’ I could see.

Shocked, amazed, I was blown apart,
To know that ‘place’ was my heart,
Happier than ever, filled with glee,
I saw my soul approaching towards me!

                            – Nikesh Lilani

35 thoughts on “ULTIMATE VICTORY

      1. I hardly get time these days.. its all building up for the board exams… so as soon as I get some time I compose some stuff. And I see you too haven’t posted much recently..

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Love this piece.And how you ended it. However, the second stanza here could improve on the wordings. Love all the other stanzas, though. Especially the first one. Enthralling.


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