My arms outstretched, my eyes are closed,
My body is still and mind engrossed,
I can fancy the plush state of grace,
As moist, brisk winds blow by my face.

Wonderstruck, on opening my eyes,
Replete greenery and gloomy skies,
Chirping of birds and burble of Brook, 
Majestic beauty, wherever I look!

Talking to the winds, dancing with flowers,
I sink into delight of divine showers,
Smell of the mud, dampness of grass,
Astoundment begins to encompass.

Surrounded by divinity, though I’m alone,
Curiosity has simply grown and grown,
To explore nature’s occult grace,
Beauty, that never ceases to amaze!

Nature brings me closer to divinity,
Saves me from drowning into satanity,
Nature fascinates by all possible ways,
And makes me sink into that occult grace!  

                       – Nikesh  Lilani 

28 thoughts on “OCCULT GRACE

    1. Nature is the greatest gift by god, driving force behind our very existence. I always get a conviction that there’s something great to explore. I’m sure you’d be loving nature too. Thanks a lot for reading my poem. Glad you liked it..


  1. Lovely description. Great imagery, too. And such a soothing flow.
    Although, I feel the last stanza could have been constructed in a better way. Then again, I can’t find any better way to conclude this beautiful poem…


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