Overshadowed by the Satan around me ,
Pretermitted the fact , you surround me ,
Forsake the supreme love and glee,
The blessings that you showered upon me.

Lost myself in this fake world,
In search of true living and glee,
I was imprudent then , for now I know ,
Your divine strength lies within me .

I was erroneous , I know my thee,
Here I come for I know you’ll forgive me,
Breaking all shackles ,fighting every odd,
To reunite with you, my Lord !

I’m sinking deep into your love ,
I can feel your divine pull from above,
An occult power that I cannot see,
But has destroyed every Satan within me

Far far away from this fake world,
I again have flags of peace unfurled,
Keep showering your blessings from above ,
Let me sink into the ocean of your love !

– Nikesh Lilani


  1. Another perfect inspirational poem Nikesh! Your feelings could be felt by the words.. You have a great talent to express yourself and inspire ! Keep going on buddy!


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