Lost in the stillness; my heart begins to soar,
Echoes of silence; an occult beauty to explore,
Animated fantasies; against the dark background,
All by myself, there’s no one around!

Can’t feel myself, seems like I can fly,
Enthralling grace ; oh! Bewildered am I!
At eternal cosmic beauty, I glance,
Through sheer nothingness, as I advance!

My soul at peace, never felt before ,
Silence that creeps into my heart’s core,
That divine solitude and utter bliss;
Can’t fancy anything better than this!

Ever expanding; to as far as I can see,
A subtle divine power seems to surround me,
Drawing me closer , lifting me high,
Through the cosmos , soaring am I!

My soul – fed with eternal bliss,
There’s no feeling, as grand as this
Elegant and divine, this creation is prime,
My soul will wander until the end of time !

– Nikesh Lilani

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